To ensure that you receive the best possible resulting print or presentation output, every image uploaded to us should be set-up as “Print Ready”. Before sending us your file, verify that your image has been prepared and processed in the following manner:

  • • Color Space:    sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB
  • • Image Size:    At dimensions of final output (ie. 8×12, 16×24, etc.)
  • • Image Resolution:    300ppi (72ppi minimum required)
  • • Image Depth:    8 bit recommended, 16 bit also accepted
  • • File Type:    JPEG or TIFF (flattened, no compression)
  • • Channels & Layers:    No extra layers or alpha channels

After following the above guidelines, soft proofing of the image with the correct ICC profiles will additionally lend the best results possible. Files sent to us without the guidelines above may lead to delays in production, additional costs, or a reduction in output quality.

For additional information and to learn more about preparing your images, please feel free to consult our FAQs. As well, please feel free to contact us directly if further clarification or assistance is needed.