Mounted on an acid free 1/8″ thick surface and finished with a beveled edge, this eco-friendly wood mounted presentation is essentially a thin Standard PhotoPlaq. The ideal wall decor presentation for walk ways with limited wall clearance, the Thin PhotoPlaq is a suitable light-weight presentation for any setting. The wide selection of edge color options allow this versatile presentation to compliment any photo or image displayed upon it.

What is a PhotoPlaq?

A new and modern take on wall décor, PhotoPlaqs are made from premium eco-friendly, high-density fiber wood. The print is first laminated, and then adhered directly to an acid-free face of the wood. The edge is then beveled with your selected laminate color choice, and finally encapsulated on the back with a black laminate to provide a barrier against the elements. Each PhotoPlaq comes complete with a hanging system unique to each Plaq type.

What is the difference between a Standard, Float, Thick and Thin Plaq?

PhotoPlaqs differ based on the thickness and/or hanging system of each Plaq type:

   Thin: 1/8” thick, no hanging system

   Standard: 3/8” thick, keyhole hanging system

   Float: 3/8” thick, French cleat hanging system

   Thick:1” thick, French cleat hanging system

What laminate options are available?

We offer UV protective laminates available in the following finishes:





What edge colors are available?








How do I hang my PhotoPlaq?

Each PhotoPlaq comes with a hanging system unique to the Plaq type.

Keyhole Hanger:The Standard PhotoPlaq includes keyhole slots and screws for easy hanging. First, measure the area that you will be installing the presentation. While using a level, next place the screws (or if included, place the screw guides) in the keyhole slots and lightly make a dimple on the wall as to where the screws will go. Be sure to hold the Plaq and the screws (or screw guides) firmly so that they do not slip out of your hand. Drill the screws into the wall where the dimple imprints were just made, being sure to leave roughly 1/8” to 1/4″ between the wall and the base of the screw’s head. Finally, set the Plaq into position by placing the screws into the keyhole slot and sliding the artwork sideways until it hangs securely. Reposition or reinstall as needed.

French Cleat Hanger:Both the Float and Thick PhotoPlaq include a French Cleat hanging system and screws for quick and effortless hanging. First, measure the area that you will be installing the presentation. While using a level, place the wood hanger on the wall. Insert and tighten the screws so that the wood hanger remains snug on the wall. Once completed, simply place the Plaq onto the wood hanger so that it “locks” into place. Reposition or reinstall as needed.

Although the above methods are suggested for hanging the final PhotoPlaq presentation, we are not responsible for any damage, injury or problems that may occur, both direct and/or indirect as a consequence of installation.