Presenting images with an artistic touch, Canvas Gallery Wraps are produced with UV archival based inks from state-of-the-art printers. Using the finest quality canvas substrate, stretcher bars and coating, each Canvas Gallery Wrap is handcrafted to last for years into the future. Unlike the canvas wraps seen in big-box stores, this Canvas Gallery Wrap is produced to maintain overall appearance and rigidity without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.

What is a canvas print?

Also known as a “Giclée” or “Fine Art” print, Canvas Prints are manufactured with the highest quality matte canvas paper using 12-color archival based inks, then finished with a protective coating to prevent against UV and other harmful damage. The term, “Giclée”, simply means a digital fine art print made on an inkjet printer, which our Canvas prints are.

What canvas edge types are available?

The edge types available for Canvas Gallery Wraps and Canvas Gallery Wraps in Float Frame are Mirrored, Traditional, Solid Color, Digital Stretch, Blurred, Blur Mirror and Blur Stretch.

What size stretcher bars are available?

Both 1” and 1.5” stretcher bars are available, although the print sizes offered differ for each. For Canvas Gallery Wraps in Float Frame, we use 1.5” stretcher bars (float frames are not available with 1” stretcher bars).

How much of the print will be wrapped around the stretcher bars?

For a 1” Canvas Gallery Wrap, the image size printed includes 1.25” added to each of the four sides to accommodate the 1” stretcher bar size plus an additional ¼” which wraps around onto the backside. Likewise, a 1.5” Canvas Gallery Wrap includes 1.75” on all four sides to account for the 1.5” stretcher bar. For example, a 10×15 Canvas Gallery Wrap on 1.5” stretcher bars is actually printed at the size of 13.5” x 18.5”, allowing for 1.5” to stretch around the bar’s sides, with ¼” excess stretching around onto the backside.

What is the advantage of a float frame?

This is the favorite product of our photographers nationwide. A float frame gives you the elegance of a framed piece with the luxury of a canvas gallery wrap, while providing dimensionality to the image in a way that makes you a participant with the photo.

What float frames are available?

Gold Traditional   |   Espresso Traditional   |   Espresso Contemporary   |   Silver Traditional   |   Champagne Contemporary   |   Black Traditional   |   Black Contemporary















How do I select the size, style and float frame to order?

For a step-by-step of how to order our products, click here.

What is the thickness and depth of a float frame?

The thickness of a float frame varies slightly based on the frame moulding, although in general it is 1.75” in width (1.5” thick moulding, 0.25” gap), and 2.25” in depth/height. The lip of the float frame is actually higher than the face of the canvas, providing a slight amount of buffer room for added protection.


  Gold Traditional  |  Espresso Traditional  |  Espresso Contemporary  |  Silver Traditional  |  Champagne Contemporary  |  Black Traditional  |  Black Contemporary

How do I hang my gallery wrap or float wrap?

Each Canvas Gallery Wrap and Canvas Gallery Wrap in Float Frame comes standard with a wire hanging system and cleat-and-nail wall hangers included.

First, measure the area that you will be installing the presentation. Holding the presentation by it’s wire hanger with two-hands, hold the canvas up to the wall in the spot it will be hung. Use a pencil to mark the point where the vertical center of the presentation meets the wire hanger while taut. Next, place the backside of the metal hanging hardware included on the spot that was just marked and hammer the nail through the hanger’s hole in a downward direction. Finally, set the presentation into position by placing the wire hanger on the wall hanger’s hook facing up and towards you. Reposition or reinstall as needed.

Although the above methods are suggested for hanging the final Canvas Gallery Wrap and Canvas Gallery Wrap in Float Frame presentations, we are not responsible for any damage, injury or problems that may occur, both direct and/or indirect as a consequence of installation.

Are canvas prints and gallery wraps coated?

Yes, all Canvas Prints, Canvas Gallery Wraps (1” and 1.5”), and Canvas Gallery Wraps in Float Frame include either a Satin or Gloss finish coating. By default, our Satin coating is selected when ordering, although the Gloss finish can as well be selected instead.

How can I add a border to my gallery wrap?

Yes, you can add a border or background to your gallery wrap by initially designing your image with the effects. Keep in mind that the image (except for traditional stretched canvas gallery wraps) will be the full frontal face of the gallery wrap, with an excess amount of stretching room wrapped around the stretcher bars. For exact sizes of this excess printed image to accommodate for the stretching room, please see FAQ question 2.2.4 How much of the print will be wrapped around the stretcher bars?

Can I embellish and paint on top of the canvas?

Although it is not recommended to do so, some of our customers elect to paint on-top of the coated canvas to provide embellishments upon the image. While this is the case, we do recommend using a varnish prior to embellishing, such as the lineup of varnish products by Golden.