A special binding process allows panoramic spreads as the pages lay flat without bending or a “gutter” between. Printed with a protective gloss UV finish, the ultra-heavy pages are 4 times thicker than ordinary paper. Available in sizes 6” x 6” and 7.5” x 7.5”.

What is the difference between a Keepsake, Occasions and Signature Photo Book?

Besides for the sizes available for each type, Photo Books differ based on the paper used – and in particular, the type of binding:

  Keepsake Photo Book: Carefully assembled with a long-lasting “perfect” binding process using a special long-lasting adhesive

  Occasions Photo Book: Lay-flat binding process for a continuous spread across opened pages

  Signature Photo Book: Perfect bound with a Flexbind™ process

What kind of paper stock do you use?

The vast majority of our press printed products are printed on either 100# or 110# archival quality paper. Calendars, printed book covers, and the pages of certain book products are printed on gloss cover stock, while the pages of other book products are printed on gloss text. Greeting cards are available in your choice of matte, pearlescent, linen, eco-friendly and watercolor stocks.

What types of finishing do you offer?

Occasions and Signature collection books can be ordered with your choice of satin or gloss UV coating on the pages. Books ordered with printed full-wrap photo covers come with a protective laminate in either gloss or satin. Cards printed on matte and pearlescent stock and trader cards are also available with option gloss or satin finishes.

How many greeting cards come in a pack? Do they include envelopes?

We offer flat and folded cards in boxes of 25. All greeting cards come with standard white envelopes. Gold and silver foil envelopes are available as options.

Do your press printed products come with presentation packaging?

All of our premium photo book products come standard with heirloom presentation packaging.

   10×10 and 12×12 Keepsake Photo Books are packaged in a silver gift box with silver metallic emblem

   All Occasions Photo Books come with a black boutique slip-cover and black elastic belly band

   All Signature Photo Books include a 2-piece black gift box with silver embossed emblem